Woolmer Green has six Parish Councillors who are elected to serve a four year term of office.


Andy Gribble, Chairman, Transport, Staffing Committee & Young Persons Liaison.

Tel: 01438 816895  Email: andy.gribble@woolmergreenpc.org.uk


Phil Corke, Vice Chairman, Staffing Committee.

Tel: 01438 811365  Email: phil.corke@woolmergreenpc.org.uk

Tim Dix, Grounds

Tel: Email: tim.dix@woolmergreenpc.org.uk


Sarah Hall, Finance, Allotment Liasion & Staffing Committee.

Tel: 07746 489787  Email: sarah.hall@woolmergreenpc.org.uk  

Rob Horton, Planning, Environment.

Tel: Email: rob.horton@woolmergreenpc.org.uk

Grant Pinney, Hall, Community.

Tel: 07833387792  Email: grant.pinney@woolmergreenpc.org.uk

Janet Pearce, Parish Clerk.

Tel: 03707 776132  Email: clerk@woolmergreenpc.org.uk


Janet Pearce, Parish Clerk

Woolmer Green Parish Council, Village Hall, Hall Lane, Woolmer Green, Herts, SG3 6XA

Telephone: 03707 776132 
Email: clerk@woolmergreenpc.org.uk

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